Education for Liberation!

Black Education for Black Liberation!

Curriculum of Inclusion Report- 1988

From Dr Donald H Smith:

Note that following the publication of our report, Dr. Diane Ravitch, now being hailed as the liberal savior of public education, opposed CI to the extent of co-chairing the formation of a new conservative organization "IN DEFENSE of HISTORY".

Ravitch had been hired by the Commissioner of Education as one of four reviewers of CI. Another reviewer was the late Dr. Asa G. Hilliard III who gave the report high praise.

Ravitch was unethical in giving her statement of condemnation to US News and World Report which published her views on the day before our Commission met with the commissioner. I had to stand between nominal CI chair Hazel Dukes and Dr. Ravitch to keep Ms. Dukes from hitting Ravitch.