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National Black Education Working Summit - Chicago - 11-13 October 2012

 Dr. Donald H Smith's Keynote Address:

And Who Will Save the African American Child?

Dr Donald Smith Keynote: Save the Children by ebontek



The War Within Our Black Youth Is One of the Many

Reasons Why You Should Join Us at the National Black

Education Working Summit

Triggering Wounds

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Bronx Filmmaker Alejandro Rosario says... 

Triggering Wounds
is a film produced, filmed, and edited by the members of  the Teen Producer's Academy at the Maysles Institute. A film about the effects of gun violence in Harlem, each one of our teen filmmakers has a different relationship to the film. Check out high school student Alejandro Rosario's thoughts on being a part of the production team for the film:
I primarily worked on interviews in the production of Triggering Wounds.  I enjoyed getting to hear people's stories and I like how some stories expose things about people that you can not tell just from one look at them. Especially with a film as big as Triggering Wounds,  I got to expose myself to things that I did not know before. I have to say my favorite shoot to date was our interview with Bridget Clyburn, an employee at Harlem Hospital,  because I feel like that it was our strongest interview. She told us the story of her brother who was shot and how it effected her family. It was one our few intense interviews and I was glad to be a part of it.

I have lived in the Bronx my whole life and I had no idea about Harlem and Harlem's history until three years ago when it became a huge part of my life and this film. This film has helped me expand my knowledge of Harlem and learn about how people are trying to heal the community by creating programs like Harlem SNUG and Harlem Mothers Save. I am happy to be part of a project this huge and I am happy that I get to be working in film while expanding my knowledge of the neighborhoods in New York.
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Join Us at The National Black Education Agenda

Working Summit On Black Education
October 11 to 13, 2012
Westin OHare Hotel-- Chicago, Illinois

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Purpose:  To advance a national movement that advocates education as a human right and acts on behalf of African American/Black children and their families. To hold ourselves and these United States of America accountable for guaranteeing that all Black children, wherever they are, have access to quality schools, services and resources without discrimination, including quality teachers and truthful curricula, and to facilitate effective participation of parents and students in matters involving education policy and related decision making processes.NBEAS Action Groups